Long before Drake earned a shoe deal with Jordan Brand, there was another prominent rapper who was doing wonders for Nike. An “influencer” before the term took off, Will Smith loved to rock sneakers – especially Jordans – during his Fresh Prince of Bel-Air days that it has become one of the enduring legacies of the show. Well, besides the short jokes, Carlton Dance and Will emotes that could fill up an emoji keyboard nowadays.

While Smith wore Js of all kinds on the show, the pair that he’s most associated with is the Air Jordan 5. Will wore the 5s in various episodes and on plenty of promotional material. The bond is so tight that Jordan Brand actually created an entire collection – including a new Air Jordan 5 colorway – that were unofficially inspired by the Fresh Prince.


With the Air Jordan 5 Black/Metallic set to return this weekend, we’ve decided to update a classic post on this site, the ranking of the 5s as old by Fresh Prince of Bel-Air GIFs.

Special thanks to well, the internet and the respective creators of each GIF.  Finding who actually did most of these GIFs is an exercise of futility.

Note: We’re not including the Labs the same reason we wouldn’t include Futures in a list of best 11s ever made. They’re too far removed from the original make that they’re basically hybrids.

35Air Jordan 5 Pro Stars


Filthy McNasty. That’s not a compliment… Filthy McNasty

34Air Jordan 5 Laser

Oh dear God.  When I first saw was this, I was like….

Then the more I thought about it, I just accepted it and was like…

33Air Jordan 5 Dark Army

Much like Jackie (aka Tyra Banks), we’re not amused by this colorway.

32Air Jordan 5 Pre-Grape

It could have been so much better. Instead, we do this…

Jazz Thrown out

31Air Jordan 5 WMNS Sunset

If sneakerheads saw this colorway drop in Men’s sizes, they be like…

30Air Jordan 5 Olive Green

The look on our face whenever somebody says “Undefeated” with this colorway…

But hey, at least it matches Will’s robe.

29Air Jordan 5 WMNS Sliver/Pink

Hey, who knew the Air Jordan XX8 was available back in the 90s?

28Air Jordan 5 Low Alternate 90


The Alternate Pack from Jordan Brand seemed like a great concept – create PE colorways of classic Jordans that MJ would have worn back in the days – but there was something in the water and few seemed to care for it. The Air Jordan 5 Low Alternate 90 would have worked if it wasn’t a low-cut. It’s a Carlton short joke personified…

Carlton Dance

27Air Jordan 5 Green Bean

The super secret dance that if performed a few million times will bring back the Green Bean 5s…

26Air Jordan 5 Bel-Air

It should have worked. An Air Jordan 5 based on the show that made Will Smith a household name? Why wouldn’t it be great? Except it wasn’t and became one of the most divisive Air Jordans ever made. I made this face when I first saw it and found out what the inspiration was behind it…

Carlton Scream

25Air Jordan 5 Wolf Grey

The look on our collective faces when Miley wore these in her “23” video

Fresh Prince shock

24Air Jordan 5 White/Sport Royal/Stealth

Underrated, much like this moment when Will thought he was home free before getting caught by Uncle Phil…

23Air Jordan 5 Carolina

Will = North Carolina. Kids and Uncle Phil = Duke.

22Air Jordan 5 Low Cavs


Seemingly Every time the sneaker community calls an Air Jordan in blatantly Knicks colors a tribute to MJ’s fiercest rival team, Nike and Jordan Brand always changes the narrative and hints that they are actually meant to troll Cleveland fans. Considering the Cavs just  won the title, it’s time to pile on NYC just a little bit more, like Will and his constant berating of Uncle Phil…

Uncle Phil mad

21Air Jordan 5 Oreo

The struggle trying to cop these on Black Friday a few years ago for my nephew when I didn’t wake up on time was not cool. This was me online that day…

Will Struggle


20Air Jordan 5 White/Metallic Silver

Don’t like all-white or nearly all-white kicks?

19Air Jordan 5 Low Dunk From Above


Just need that price to drop just a little bit more. Hey, Will, can you help me out here?

Will Smith Shrug

18Air Jordan 5 WMNS Burgundy

Here’s Will trying to figure out where Burgundy is in the table of elements…


17Air Jordan 5 Shanghai


Sure, you could make the argument it should be on the same level as the “Laney” 5s and that they’re a tougher get, but I’m not hearing it…

Jackie Argument


16Air Jordan 5 Low Fire Red


Is there a trade-in program where I can buy these and get a deep discount for when the real Fire Red 5s gets another retro release? What?

Aunt Viv 2

15Air Jordan 5 Black Grape

If these just had a good leather upper, they would be top five easily. We’ll just settle for it being in the middle of the pack, easily forgotten, like Little Nicky… Little Nicky

14Air Jordan 5 Low Chinese New Year


Would rank so much higher on this list if it was in the original high-cut, but low knocks it down a few pegs. Kind of like the show when they took out original Aunt Viv and replaced her with barely there Aunt Viv…

Aunt Viv

13Air Jordan 5 Fear

Yeah, these two go together so perfectly…

Uncle Phil


12Air Jordan 5 USA

So all Isiah had to do was make that lay-up and he was on the original Dream Team.  Unfortunately for him, Michael Jordan sent out a ringer to prevent that from happening.  And yes, Will’s wearing the Grape 5s in this clip…

11Air Jordan V Premio Bin 23

Wait, these cost how much?

10Air Jordan 5 Quai 54

I can only imagine the conversation went like this:

Carlton: Hey Will, what’s in the box?

Will: Our shipment of Quai 54s

(Carlton DANCE TIME)

9Air Jordan 5 White/Black/Red

Sure, it’s been brought back from than enough times, but they’re always welcome…

8Air Jordan 5 3M

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is famous for two dances in particular.  This is the second most popular, much like the “3m” colorway from the “Raging Bulls” pack is the second most popular…


7Air Jordan 5 Doernbecher

Doernbecher kicks are always bittersweet because while they are among the best designed releases of the year, the stories behind the kids who made them are tough to take in sometimes.

Fresh Prince Sad

6Air Jordan 5 Fire Red

It’s got the embroidered “23?” It’s not unusual to be loved…


5Air Jordan 5 Tokyo 23

As the great poet ‘Ol Dirty Bastard would say, “Japan, are you in the house?”

4Air Jordan 5 Grape

TFW you found out you won a raffle for these Grapes a few years back.

3Air Jordan 5 Red Suede/Toro

Oh, this one’s too easy…

Hey Uncle Phil, can you come out here in your all-red PJs?

2Air Jordan 5 Laney

Amazingly fits well with Uncle Phil’s golf gear…

1Air Jordan 5 Black/Metallic Silver


And it’s back this weekend. Well, it doesn’t get much better than this, does it?

Ok, it can. Never mind….