Leaf Life is a State of Arizona approved Medical Cannabis Dispensary dedicated to providing natural leaf based remedies in a clean, relaxed and open environment.  Our medical marijuana patients are given our full attention and the utmost respect to feel welcome. The staff is here to assist you in choosing your medicine. We are determined to educate and support you through your condition/rehabilitation.

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“I want to be honest and to speak to you as a PTSD patient. Your medication helps. It really does, but sometimes a kind gesture can do more healing than the best meds. Sometimes, only compassion can heal.

This year, life triggered my mind in a bad way, in a way that changed me forever. Up until this past weekend, I thought I was changed for the worst. Then, Seleni took extra time to help me. She was just being herself, but her kindness touched my soul, my spirit in a way that not only snapped me out of the negative and fearful state of mind that I had been in all summer, but she reminded me that there are still good, genuine people in the world. I felt like she went out of her way to help the real me, and at that moment, that was just what I needed to heal.   

Rarely do I see the butterfly effect or ripple effect, or whatever you want to call it, going so strong in a manner that creates a positive impact so huge you’ll never know, but that is exactly what you all create. I sense a genuine beauty in all of [the Leaf Life staff], even those of you that are newer, and that beauty is powerful and healing and rare. It is so rare that I feel I need to be real and call you out on it. :) You inspire me. Blessed are the peacemakers, and that is exactly who you are.

Thank you Leaf Life, for all that you are and all you have been to me.”

Our logo, the ginkgo leaf, represents our brand as a symbol of strength and longevity. The ginkgo tree is the oldest prehistoric living tree still growing on the planet – fossils over 270 million years old have been found.

Leaf Life carries a variety of strains from our own cultivation team, focused on providing the upmost quality in our product. Many patients drive from all over the state to purchase from Leaf Life due to the high-quality nature of our unique strains. Our cultivation team is the most elite team of growers in the state, possessing an expertise that is reflected in the quality of our medicine. Try it and see the difference an experienced cultivation team can make.

Leaf Life also carries strains from other state licensed medical marijuana experts.